Parts Washer Accessories

Accessories for the 2000 Series Parts Washers


Small Parts Basket


All of your nuts, bolts, push rods, valve springs, small parts, etc. can be washed clean in minutes usig this containment basket.  To ensure the best results, each user should be equipped with their own small parts basket.

SS Fresh Water Fill Tank w/ Low Water Shut Off


Keeps the parts washer full of water and maintains the correct water level in the washer by just connecting a water source to the unit!  The low water shutoff protects the pump and water heater elemtns from damage due to loaw water conditions.




Biodegradable low sudsing detergent.  See your local dealer for your soap needs.


Why Worry About It


S.S. auto water fill tank with low water shut-off, 2-channel digital 7-day clock for automatic heat timing and for automatic oil skimming at proper intervals.


Ask your AaLadin representative for a complete option list.