40 Series


Self Contained Pressure Washers

The AaLadin Cleaning Systems 40 Series  Self-Contained Pressure Washers are industrial strength washers designed for convenient transport to the cleaning site.


Within this series, a range of 3 GPM to 6 GPM, and 2000 PSI to 4000 PSI is offered. None of these models require external electricity to be operated, and each unit is built with heavy-duty components to withstand rough transportation conditions. These self-contained units can be mounted on trailers or set inside vehicles, placed in the back of trucks or pick ups, or used on the decks of ships and cabins of airplanes. Every unit in the 40 series is powder coated, contains Beckett Burners, and comes with gasoline engines rated at 5.5 HP to 20 HP, or diesel engines rated from 10 HP to 18.8 HP.