About my life, family, and company

Hills left to right: Jim, Julie, Simon, Bella, Lili, Elijah, David, Shawna

About my life, family, and company

Hello! I am David. This is the new website for my company Ag-Industrial. About my life, family, and company. I sell and service pressure washers as well as repairing campers for Fairmont MN and the surrounding areas. My father, Jim Hill, founded Ag-Industrial in 1982. I have worked with my father around pressure washers my whole life and we always had a motor home that needed a little fixing up. When he asked me to come work for his company Ag-industrial Inc. in ’11, it seemed pretty natural. My father decided to shut the company down at the end of the year due to health problems. As a result, my wife and I decided to make a leap of faith. We took over the family business and have since taken care of all the customers who were used to depending on Ag-industrial.


About AaLadin

Quality was the rock on which the company was founded in January of 1981. Its founders, Pat Wingen, Bill Busker, and Eldean Kjose, decided to form a company to produce high pressure cleaning equipment. They decided, “We’re going to build the best equipment possible and change the image of this industry”. With quality always the ultimate goal, AaLadin has grown in leaps and bounds. AaLadin continued its hard work and today consistently sets the performance and quality standards of the pressure washer industry.

AaLadin may not be the biggest pressure washer manufacturer in the industry, but its reputation for quality and integrity make it the Best. These values will continue to move AaLadin forward. The quest for Total Quality has resulted in AaLadin being the Leader in the pressure washer industry. As proof, AaLadin is now producing washers with a proprietary exhaust system that stands alone in the industry. Among other things, this system reduces fuel usage by up to 39% and exhaust temperatures down to 90 degrees! Check out the Eco-Green series now!